post louis // oldsmobile

If you think soft is synonymous with weak and ineffective then you would be sorely mistaken. The debut song Oldsmobile by boy/girl union Port Louis is all beautiful fragility, but with the strength and fortitude of a mountain. No news about a forthcoming release but with a sound this patently gorgeous it’s only a matter of time. Peace. Continue reading

joram roukes: artist spotlight (things we like)

Joram Roukes

Born 1983 in Lelystad. Currently working from his studio in Groningen, the Netherlands. Joram Roukes is making his mark, not only on the world of art in general, but on anyone who happens to bear witness to his astonishing body of work. His oil painting are an assemblage of the mundane and everyday occurrences which unfold in our collective lives. Yes, they are collage-like in technique, but they are also something more visceral in that they resemble jigsaw puzzles of life and intractable earthbound beauty.

You can catch his work at Gallery B15 and in this months High Fructose Magazine, and check here for additional Gallery Shows. Peace. Continue reading

the knocks // modern hearts (ft. st. lucia)

The music is a lot less intimidating than their badass press photo.

The electronic DJ/Production duo composed of Ben “DJ B-Roc” Ruttner and James “JPatt” Patterson, The Knocks, have unleashed another adroitly proscribed summer tune,  featuring the saccharine  laden vocals of  NYC denizen Jean-Philip Grobler bka St. Lucia. The upbeat, melody-driven track Modern Hearts is an ideal splash of summer grove theory to get you moving in the right direction. Peace. Continue reading

lord huron // lonesome dreams (our sunday best)

There is a sound choke full of tumble weed and sagebrush, and when the wind settle against your ear just right you can hear the air crying it’s melody…

I am pleased to present L.A.-based Lord Huron, and their western-tinged blues rock ballad Ends of the Earth. With sounds reminiscent of earlier works from Fleet Foxes with just a dash of The Shins for good measure. However, they still manage to settle into your ear-space with a soft, yet ‘Mighty’ sound they’ve made all their own. It’s always so exciting for me to find a song I can just hit replay over and over again without becoming tired of it all. And with lyrics like these:

“Out there’s a a world that calls for me, girl
Headin’ out into the unknown
Well if there are strangers, and all kinds of danger
Please don’t say I’m going alone”

The  quintet’s 2012 debut album release Lonesome Dreams (via IAMSOUND Records) is pretty darn enchanting. I would mos def recommend this collection of songs be apart of your musical library ASAP. My reasoning? Well, if the world were to end tomorrow, I certainly wouldn’t want you to die without listening to it all the way through at least once. Yup, it’s that good. Last-meal-on-death-row good.

Enjoy, my friend. Eat, drink and be dreamy with the sounds of Lord Huron. Can’t you tell, I more than like this band? By the way NPR is premiering the bands brand spanking new video for the song Lonesome Dreams here.

Lonesome Dreams is available on iTunes and Amazon.

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apashe & snails // bubble gun

Snails aren’t typically synonymous with bangin’ dat raw shit, but apparently there exist exceptions.

Apashe & Snails commune over the otherworldly wickedness that is Bubble Gun. Be careful, it’ll jack your body like an adolescent boy on Viagra. I know, bad visual and I sincerely apologize for that… However, I refuse any form of contrition when it comes to applauding the bombasticism of this track. Peace. Continue reading

Classixx has got that summertime feel good vibe down pat.

Get your boogie on with this nod to 70’s Disco era meets 2000’s electrified Pop candy. I love Classixx and their track Holding On gives me all kinds of reasons to dance. Classixx’x debut album drops May 14, 2013 just in time for you summer music fling. Peace. Continue reading